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Competitive online role playing games (CORPG) free-to-play

Deloria Legends is a graphical 2D MMORPG and CORPG based in a time when warriors sought out triumph and wizards kept balance across the lands. Adventurers slay beasts and bosses alone or in groups. Deloria Legends offers questing, grouping, guilds, guild […]


Lightbringers: Saviors of Raia is an award winning cross-platform, drop-in/drop-out, free-to-play real-time Multiplayer Online co-op, hack ‘n slash game in which you face hundreds of enemies on screen, battle alongside your friends and become Legends of the Light. Fend off the […]

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Merlin: The Game is a free to play online rpg multiplayer facebook game. Experience this free online rpg with your friends in the land of magic that is Camelot. Merlin the Game is a real time cooperative fantasy-adventure game. Show your […]


Mythos is an online, competitive action role-playing game from HanbitSoft and T3Fun that is free to download and free to play. The game is set in a fantasy world (Woold) reborn out of the ash created by endless dark wars. Players […]


AdventureQuest Worlds is a free-to-play web browser-based MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) with brand-new weekly releases, real-time combat, challenging quests, beautiful cinematic cut-scenes, thousands of equipable items, interchangeable Classes, and an entire world to explore. The game is expanded every […]