Category: Multiplayer and MMO Beat ’em up

List of free-to-play multiplayer and MMO Beat ’em up/Brawler games.

Battlerite is a free-to-play, action-packed and highly praised team arena brawler, and the spiritual successor to critically acclaimed Bloodline Champions. Playing Battlerite feels like playing an intense MOBA fighter. Experience the unique combination of a top-down shooter with a fast-paced fighting […]
for: Windows by: Stunlock Studios details
Knights of Valour is a free-to-play action-packed and fast-paced beat ’em up, taking place in beautiful, side-scrolling stages. Experience side-scrolling, stage-based multiplayer action in Knights of Valour. Play solo or with up to 3 friends at once in the fantastic 4-player […]
for: Playstation4 by: International Games System details
Totemori is a fun and innovative free-to-play shared-screen multiplayer brawler game where you build towers while trying to topple everyone else’s. Totemori features local versus and co-op multiplayer for up to 4 players. Play against your friends or practice against bots, […]
for: Windows by: Schrolab details