List of free-to-play single, multiplayer and massively multiplayer online sports games for Windows, Mac and Linux. This f2p sports sections features all real life sports as well as non realistic sports, such as fantasy or sci-fi sports and racing.

BasketDudes is or was (current status uncertain) a free-to-play PvP multiplayer basketball game where each user can create and control plenty of basketball teams, which he can take to compete against other users in online matches, tournaments, to accumulate points, sign […]
for: WindowsMac by: Bitoon Games details
Golf Star is an online golf game from Coms2Us and Gamigo. Enjoy tournaments with up to 30 players at the same time, get the coolest clothes and meet your friends on the market place to discuss your tactics for the next […]
for: WindowsIphone & IpadAndroid by: Coms2Us details
Need for Speed World was a free-to-play online racing game based on the popular Need for Speed franchise, where you could decide how to play in a massively multiplayer world, connect with friends or race against the world as you rise […]
for: Windows by: EA Vancouver details
Superstar Racing is a free-to-play formula MMO racing game focusing on formula one-like cars and racing. The game offers pilots and cars customization, team and solo challenges and tournaments. You can race on over 28 different racing tracks, with these tracks […]
for: Windows by: Chat Republic details
FreeStyle Street Basketball is a free-to-play basketball sport MMO with fantasy elements. The game has an experience-based leveling system. When a player reaches a certain EXP or experience requirement, they will level up and be rewarded with Attribute points. Attribute points […]
for: Windows by: BGEntertainment details
Football Superstars is the most competitive PC football game on the planet, combining elements of football game play, management and a lifestyle. Created with socializing in mind, Football Superstars delivers a totally new concept of football gaming directly to your PC […]
for: Windows by: Monumental Games details
World Golf Tour is a free-to-play browser-based golf MMO, and considered by many as the number one online golf game. WGT’s golf-game success is in large part the result of its painstaking attention to the look and feel of each course. […]
for: WindowsMacLinuxFacebookIphone & Ipad by: C. Nelson & Y.C. Cheng details
TrackMania is a free-to-play multiplayer racing game. A free game in the truest sense of the word, TrackMania Nations Forever lets you drive at mind-blowing speeds on fun and spectacular tracks in solo and multiplayer modes. TrackMania Nations Forever offers a […]
for: Windows by: Nadeo details
Goal Line Blitz is a browser-based, American football MMORPG. A football RPG where you create individual players to train and sign onto NPC- or player-run teams that compete in monthly seasons. The turn system limits how much each character can train […]
for: WindowsMacLinuxIphone & Ipad by: details
Drift City is a MMO racing video game of arcade style and sponsored by several major automotive companies such as Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and U1 Technology. Physics in the game have been altered, making the game feel much faster and less […]
for: Windows by: NPLUTO details
Shot-Online is a massive multiplayer online golf video game which also features character development and MMORPG elements. It is not just an online sports game, but it is a highly accurate simulation and a deep role-playing experience. It is the RPG […]
for: Windows by: OnNet details
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