NEWS ➢ Free Zombie Admin from (PC)

The popular DRM-free and Indie games-friendly platform is giving away free copies of Zombie Admin, an inline skating and graffiti themed platform game for PC (Windows), courtesy of the game’s developer Le Capitaine and It isn’t known how long the gift will remain available for.

About the free copy of Zombie Admin

Anyone can get a free copy of Zombie Admin on, at The game is otherwise priced around 4 USD, and is a fine casual, single-player and local coop top down shooter game that deserves a place in your game collection/library if you are a fan of the genre. Moreover, this is a DRM-free version which allows you to transfer your copy anywhere you want and to duplicate it as much as you like.
The game can either be added to an account/library, or downloaded directly. It isn’t known how long the giveaway event will last.

About Zombie Admin

Zombie Admin is an indie, single-player and local coop top down shooter game. Your job has become significantly more difficult now that all your coworkers are trying to eat your brain. You must scavenge for weapons, fight for your survival… and don’t forget to restock the toner cartridges over at accounting. Work your way up the corporate ladder, all the way to the rescue helicopter on the rooftop, in this humorous take.

Posted on: September 29, 2021 - by Mike (admin)
Tags: DRM-free, gift, giveaway, Indie, local coop, PC, shooter, single-player, top-down, Windows