NEWS ➢’s Giveaway of Fidel Dungeon Rescue (PC & Mac)

The popular DRM-free and Indie games-friendly platform is giving away free copies of Fidel Dungeon Rescue, a critically acclaimed puzzle crawler with RPG and roguelike features mixed with a rewind ability, courtesy of the game’s developer and publisher Daniel Benmergui.

About the free copy of Fidel Dungeon Rescue

Anyone can get a free copy of Fidel Dungeon Rescue on, at The game is otherwise priced at around 8 USD, and is a fine, positively reviewed puzzle crawler with mixed RPG and roguelike elements that deserves a place in your game collection/library if you are a fan of the genre. Moreover, this is a DRM-free version which allows you to transfer your copy anywhere you want and to duplicate it as much as you like.
The game can either be added to an account/library, or downloaded directly. It isn’t known how long the giveaway event will last.

About Fidel Dungeon Rescue

Fidel Dungeon Rescue is a roguelike puzzle crawler for Windows and Mac where you can rewind your actions in order to find the perfect path through monsters and treasures. Discover the secrets of the dungeon and rescue your owner. No grinding, no filler, loads fast, quick to play, and there are many secrets to uncover.

Posted on: March 15, 2020 - by Mike (admin)
Tags: MAC OSX, puzzle, roguelike, single-player, Windows

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