NEWS ➢ 5 Fun Games to Play on a Weekend

What are your plans for the weekend? Are you thinking of going out and partying with your friends? Or are you an introvert like us and feel like staying home and just playing games with your besties?

For the former, simply dress up, make a reservation, and have a great time. For the latter, you are in the right spot. Here, we will be mentioning the five fun games that you will enjoy playing on the weekend.

Countless people around the globe have loved these games and we’re sure you’ll enjoy playing them too. So prepare your gaming gear, invite your friends on a playdate, and just have an amazing time.

  1. Gartic Phone

Right at the top of the list is everyone’s favorite Gartic Phone. It is a completely free online game to play with your close friends this year. You might already be aware of the Telephone game or Chinese Whispers, a famous kids’ party game that a lot of us have played while growing up.

Inspired by the amazing Telephone Game, the creators of this game thought of giving this classic game a nice, digital twist that you all will thoroughly enjoy. To play this game, all you need is a group of friends and a working laptop, and you’re good to go. However, do make sure your internet connection is up to the mark since continuous interruptions due to unstable connections can negatively influence your performance in the game.

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  • Cootie

If you are searching for a game that can instantly uplift your mood, then Cootie is the perfect game for you. People of all age groups can participate in this game. To play this fun game, you’ll require:

  • Paper sheets
  • Pens
  • A single dice

How to play:

  • The main aim of this game is to sketch a complete cootie bug.
  • First, you’ll be asked to allocate different body parts to every single number on the dice. For instance, 1= head, 2= eyes, 3= teeth, and so on.
  • Divide all the contestants into teams.
  • Give every player a piece of paper and a pen.
  • Players will be given turns to roll the dice.
  • They have to attain the body and of course, the head to move ahead in the game.
  • The contestants continue passing the dice until they obtain the body and the head.
  • The first player to form the entire bug wins the game.
  • Accent Game

If you believe you are proficient at talking in different accents, challenge all your pals to play a friendly accent game. All you require is a working camera and a noise-free room, and you can have a lot of fun.

How to play:

  • Each friend chooses an accent and talks in that particular accent for a minute or two.
  • If you think, you are unable to come up with something in such little time, keep some little language books with you so that you can easily read out of them in the chosen accent.
  • Vote for the player who’s performing the best.
  • Laughing Game

When you have a small group of besties in one place, play this amazing game to brighten up your day and lighten your mood instantly. Try and play this game with a larger number of friends, this way you’ll have more fun.

How to play:

  • Each contestant lies on the gaming floor with his or her forehead on the previous player’s belly.
  • The first contestant says something extremely hilarious and attempts to make all the other players laugh. 
  • The contestant who laughs the most gets disqualified.
  • The player who successfully manages to hold his laughter throughout the game wins it.
  • 20 Questions

This is a very famous quiz game that you can easily play at a family party or get-together. Prepare yourself for a fun-filled time with your close friends and family members as they begin asking some interesting questions.

How to play:

  • Choose one player as the answerer.
  • The contestant has to choose a random object, however, they cannot reveal the object’s name.
  • The remaining participants take turns asking a total of twenty questions each to guess what the selected object is.
  • The first contestant who’s able to guess the object will win the game.
  • Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is an amazing game for individuals of all ages. Whether you are with your besties or your kids and their pals, a treasure hunt game will lighten the mood of everyone around you. To play the game, all you require are:

  • Little objects
  • A pencil and a sheet of paper

How to play:

  • Hide the selected objects in different corners of your home.
  • Pen down clues and leave them at strategically chosen points to assist the contestants in moving on to the next object.
  • Divide all the players into groups.
  • The group that finds all the required objects wins the game.

Final Words

Inviting your family over and playing games with them on a weekend is always super fun and entertaining. We hope the six fun games that we have mentioned in this article, will cheer you up and help you have a relaxing time at home.

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