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Full list of free-to-play tactical and collectible card games for PC, Mac, Linux and Consoles.

Hand of the Gods is a free-to-play collectible card and turn-based strategy game by Hi-Rez Studios, the makers of Smite. Wage divine war by summoning the Gods to a full 3D battlefield. Build an army from a large roster of mythological […]
for: WindowsPlaystation4xBox One by: Hi-Rez Studios details
Gwent is a competitive free-to-play card game developed by CD PROJEKT RED — creators of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. In GWENT, gamers clash with friends in fast-paced duels that combine skill-based play with bluffing, and careful deck construction. The game […]
for: WindowsPlaystation4xBox One by: CD Projekt RED details
Animation Throwdow is a free-to-play collectable card game featuring five extremely popular animated shows, namely Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, Futurama, American Dad and King of the Hill, with hundreds of your favorite characters and moments from your favorite episodes from all […]
for: WindowsMacIphone & IpadAndroid by: Synapse Games ,Chinzilla details
Catan Universe is a free-to-play Turn-based Strategy game based on popular German board game The Settlers of Catan. After a long, hardship filled journey you have reached the coast of an unknown island. However, other explorers have also landed on Catan: […]
for: WindowsMacIphone & IpadAndroid by: Exozet details
The Elder Scrolls: Legends is a competitive strategy card game set in the Elder Scrolls universe. From building your deck to taking on foes in one of the game’s three exciting modes, every decision you make will require strategy and careful […]
for: WindowsIphone & IpadAndroid by: Bethesda, ZeniMax details
Faeria is a free-to-play multiplayer strategy card battle game. Build exciting decks and shape the battlefield as you play to defeat your opponents in epic battles. Aside from the PVP and e-sport endeavour, you also are offered a considerable amount of […]
for: WindowsMacLinuxIphone & IpadAndroid by: Abrakam SA details
Prominence Poker is a free-to-play multiplayer online 3D Poker game that pits players from around the world against each other–and devious AI–to build the rep, prestige, and bankroll needed to be, and beat, the best of the best. The game is […]
for: Windows by: Pipeworks Studio details
Mighty Party is a free-to-play MMO tactical tile/card game with RPG elements. Defeat other players -> Receive Legendary Chests -> Get and evolve new Heroes -> Gather your unique MIGHTY PARTY -> Try to be no. 1. The game is very […]
for: Windows by: Panoramik Inc details
Tabletopia is the only free-to-play sandbox virtual table with 100% licensed board games made by professionals. Already 300 games and counting. Play how you want with whom you want: your guests don’t need accounts to play. Enjoy the amazing graphics, realistic […]
for: WindowsMacIphone & IpadAndroid by: Tabletopia Inc. details
Nova Blitz is a real-time card game. Summon units, play powers, and duel in real time. The goal of Nova Blitz is to reduce your opponent’s Health to 0 by playing Powers and attacking with Units. Turns are simultaneous, with both […]
for: WindowsMacLinux by: Dragon Foundry details
Astral Heroes is a free-to-play Collectible Card Game that’s simple to learn with simple core gameplay, fast-paced and exciting to play, and deep enough to challenge even the greatest strategists. Astral Heroes offers 3 different game modes and features a deep […]
for: Windows by: Apus Software details
Duelyst is a free-to-play multiplayer strategy card game, “the ultimate collectible tactics game”. Head-to-head matches last between five and ten minutes, and focus on thoughtful decision-making and strategic positioning. Players are rewarded with new battle units every monthly season. Assemble […]
for: WindowsMac by: Counterplay Games Inc. details
SolForge is a free-to-play digital collectible game in which players construct their own decks to challenge their friends or battle against the computer. There are multiple modes of play, including tournaments, drafts, ranked play, campaign mode, and a variety of new […]
for: Windows by: Stone Blade Entertainment details
Ortus Regni is a unique free-to-play closed-deck, deck-design strategy card game. Players take the role of great Earls vying to control what will become England. Ortus Regni was inspired not only by Anglo-Saxon history, but also by the art of illuminated […]
for: WindowsMacLinuxIphone & IpadAndroid by: Jon Sudbury Games details
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