Category: Stealth & Hide-and-seek

List of free-to-play or free, Stealth or Hide-and-seek games for PC (Windows, Mac, Linux), Consoles (PlayStation, Xbox) and Mobile (iOS, Android). Please let us know of any stealth / hide-and-seek game which should be added to this list.

Sentience is a free-to-play PVP and single-player stealth game set in a sci-fi, cyberpunk dystopian earth where players must make a difficult decision: play as a Sentinel, watching carefully for Rogues and working to maintain the peace of an android-driven society, […]


Dead by Daylight Mobile is the official free-to-play mobile version of the well-known 4-vs-1 asymmetrical survival horror game on PC and console from Behaviour Interactive, offering the same core gameplay experience and mechanics as the original version. Iconic characters, immersive environments, […]

Iphone & IpadAndroid

Identity V is a free-to-play, asymmetrical hide & seek action horror mobile game (with PC crossplay support) developed and published by NetEase. The game features gothic art style, mysterious storylines and an exciting 1vs4 gameplay, similar to Dead by Daylight, but […]

WindowsIphone & IpadAndroid

The Dark Mod 2.0 is a free, open-source, completely standalone stealth game with shooting and combat elements, crafted as a total conversion of Doom 3 by Looking Glass Studios, who have turned the original game into a dark and moody stealth […]


Chameleon is a stealth shooter video game developed by Silver Wish Games and released in 2005. The game is played similar to Splinter Cell. Chameleon is relatively unknown as it was released in a limited quantity in a limited number of […]