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List of upcoming free-to-play Sports games for PC (Windows, Mac, Linux), console (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch) and mobile (Android, iOS), that will be or are expected to be free-to-play. If you’d like to add a game to this list, please contact us.

Stampede: Racing Royale is an upcoming free to play* MMO combat kart racing game for PC (Windows) and consoles (to be announced), developed by Sumo Leamington and published by Secret Mode. Stampede draws inspiration from such games as Mario Kart and […]


Metaball is an upcoming free-to-play multiplayer online sports game for PC (Windows), PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S with cross-play functionality by Bucketplay Inc. The game is based on Basketball and combines fast-paced movements, ranked matches, and tactical team play. You […]

WindowsxBox One

Rumble Racing Star is an upcoming free to play* fantasy multiplayer kart racing game for PC and mobile (presumably), developed by Delabs Games. Similar to Mario Kart, the game is created by the same veteran developers of popular title KartRider, but […]

WindowsIphone & IpadAndroid

Speedstorm is an upcoming free-to-play combat kart racer for PC (Windows) and Consoles (PlayStation, Xbox and Switch) with cross-platform and split-screen support, developed by Gameloft. The game will feature characters and tracks inspired by both Disney and Pixar copyrighted universes, including […]

WindowsPlaystation4xBox OneSwitch

UFL is an upcoming free-to-play online football league game that is expected to launch on all major console platforms (release date to be announced soon). In UFL, players will be able to create their own football clubs made up of more […]

Playstation4xBox OneSwitch

Rocket League Sideswipe is an upcoming free to play mobile game for iOS and Android based on the core gameplay of Rocket League. In Rocket League Sideswipe, players compete from a new side scrolling perspective on the field in 1v1 or […]

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