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List of upcoming free-to-play – or expected to be released as Free-to-play – MMO/multiplayer/single-player online games for Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile ports, with some being in early or late development and offering paid or free early or alpha access (closed beta).

Enlisted is a free-to-play MMO squad-based shooter developed by the creators of War Thunder using the latest version of the Dagor Engine. Enlisted is built around some of the most important and famous episodes from World War 2. In Enlisted, players […]
for: Windows by: Gaijin Network details
Robocraft Royale is a free-to-play robot themed battle royale shooter game with 100 Players competing in 100 Crazy Rides including Mechs, tanks, dinosaurs, helicopters, jet fighters, monster trucks, you drive them, you fight with them in an epic fight for survival […]
for: Windows by: Freejam details
The Walking Dead: Our World is an upcoming free-to-play, first-of-a-kind location-based augmented reality mobile game, from Finnish Studio Next Games, that immerses you into the zombie apocalypse of popular franchise The Walking Dead. Defend your surroundings by fighting walkers on the […]
for: Iphone & IpadAndroid by: Next Games details
Supernova is an upcoming, free-to-play sci-fi MOBA developed by Bandai. Supernova’s futuristic science fiction setting, with amazing technology and space-faring races, offers a wealth of gameplay possibilities: upgradeable minions, crafting from drops, a mysterious Supremacy ability and an great line-up of […]
for: Windows by: Bandai details
Unreal Tournament is the original King of the Hill in the frag-or-be-fragged multiplayer gaming world. As the undisputed 1999 Game of the Year, Unreal Tournament grabbed the first person shooter genre by the soiled seat of its pants and knocked it […]
for: WindowsMac by: Epic Games details
Switchblade is a free-to-play arena-based 5v5 vehicular shooter that combines high-octane combat with an ever-shifting array of strategic choices. Teamwork is everything in the world’s first Moba-inspired vehicle action game. Win battles, grab loot and create your own online superstar in […]
for: WindowsPlaystation4 by: Lucid Games details
Magic: The Gathering Arena is an upcoming free-to-play and authentic Magic trading card game, designed for gamers, fans, and streamer to translate the rich world of Magic into modern digital gaming experiences. MTG Arena is intended to be the ultimate way […]
for: Windows by: Digital Games Studio details
The Amazing Eternals is an upcoming free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter with collectible card features. Create customized, strategic decks and activate them in real-time during battle. The rumors have existed for years. Somewhere in the pages of obscure comics and the strangest […]
for: Windows by: Digital Extremes details
Survived By is a free-to-play MMO bullet-hell game where permadeath is just the beginning. Every time you die, you’re survived by a new descendant who carries a small part of your legacy with them. Team up with hundreds of survivors as […]
for: Windows by: Digital Extremes details
Skull & Bones is an upcoming free-to-play online multiplayer and coop naval action game by Ubisoft, set during the Golden Age of Piracy, where Renegade captains command the most powerful weapons on Earth: warships. You are a pirate captain who has […]
for: WindowsPlaystation4xBox One by: Ubisoft details
League of Maidens is a 3D free-to-play online battle arena real time strategy game rated Mature for PC/Mac featuring beautiful maidens with superhuman powers. Players battle each other as teams of 3 to destroy towers guarding the enemy base, with FPS […]
for: Windows by: Maiden Gaming details
Mad Tanks is a free-to-play multiplayer online vehicle TPS designed for mobile devices. It is IOA’s main title and is the most popular tank shooter game in China with over 300 thousand daily active players. Mad Tanks is very much eSports-focused […]
for: WindowsMacLinuxIphone & IpadAndroid by: IOA details
Dauntless is a free-to-play Monster Hunter-like co-op action RPG coming to PC in 2017 and published by Phoenix Labs. Dauntless takes place in a fantasy setting, where a cataclysmic event has torn the world apart, releasing dinosaur-like Behemoths that prey on […]
for: Windows by: Phoenix Labs details
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