List of all Free-to-Play shooting games including first-person, third-person, isometric and platform shooters, be them single, multiplayer or massively multiplayer.

Rogue Heist is a fresh take on Heist; what happens when both the sides are eyeing the same prize. A 6v6 multiplayer game where are you are sent in with your team to steal and outrun an opponent at the same […]
for: Windows by: Lifelike Studios details
Vigor is a free-to-play (shoot ‘n’ loot) third-person shooter by Bohemia Interactive, where you must survive to build your Shelter in post-war Norway, in 8-16 player match-ups. Vigor was released as a free-to-play game in August 2019 as an Xbox One […]
for: xBox One by: Bohemia Interactive details
Not My Car is a free-to-play multiplayer vehicular combat Battle Royale game by NMC Studios and Skybound Games. Drop into a massive battleground for heart-racing action and destruction. Join drivers around the world, drive a growing roster of powerful vehicle classes, […]
for: Windows by: NMC Studios details
Gigantic X is a fast-paced and responsive top-down sci-fi shooter with a strong focus on action gameplay. Earn your spurs as a space-faring mercenary by clearing habitable planets of alien parasites, battling deadly monstrous creatures, and helping defend the ever expanding […]
for: Iphone & IpadAndroid by: Action Square details
New Frontier is a free-to-play online survival game with sandbox and battle royale modes, set in an alternate reality wild west world, and is a remake of Wild West Online. Work with your friends, Fight hellish monsters and forge alliances with […]
for: Windows by: Free Reign Entertainment details
Steambirds Alliance is a free-to-play massively-cooperative bullet-hell shooter by Spry Fox LLC released in 2019. Fly with dozens of friends in an open world full of cruel bosses and endless cascades of deadly bullets. We’ve got a big main world, hundreds […]
for: WindowsMac by: Spry Fox details
Splitgate: Arena Warfare is a free-to-play fast-paced multiplayer shooter that uses player-controlled portals to create a new dimension of arena combat. Evoking memories of the most revered shooters of the past two decades, Splitgate: Arena Warfare embraces the classic and familiar […]
for: Windows by: 1047 Games details
Deuterium Wars is a free-to-play multiplayer cross-platform (other systems in the works) breakneck-paced 2D shooter by Disquire, that combines high dynamic fights with an extensive role-playing system. Work your way up from rookie in a “rust bucket” to experienced pilot in […]
for: Windows by: Disquire details
Ring of Elysium or ROE (previously known as Europa) is a Free to Play PC Battle Royale Game similar to PUBG, developed by Tencent and published by Tencent Games and Garena, in which all players diving into a remote island covered […]
for: Windows by: Tencent Games details
The Cycle is a competitive match-based first person shooter/quester by Germany-based studio YAGER. The game is currently in open alpha* via the Epic Store, and is expected to remain free-to-play when/if it officially launches. “Be on the frontier of human civilization […]
for: Windows by: YAGER details
Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale shooter available for PC (via Origin), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One from the creators of Titanfall. Apex Legends delivers a squad-based battle royale experience with “a uniquely Respawn flavour”. At launch, players will select […]
for: WindowsPlaystation4xBox One by: Electronic Arts details
Tacticool is a free-to-play, isometric 5v5 cross-platform multiplayer shooter for mobile by Panzerdog, incorporating realistic physics, cars and a destructible environment that players can use to their advantage in combat. Tactical and coordinated play comes first, so players must join friends […]
for: Iphone & IpadAndroid by: Panzerdog details
Switchblade is a free-to-play arena-based 5v5 vehicular shooter that combines “high-octane combat with an ever-shifting array of strategic choices”. Teamwork is everything in the world’s first Moba-inspired vehicle action game. Win battles, grab loot and create your own online superstar in […]
for: WindowsPlaystation4 by: Lucid Games details
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