NEWS ➢ AION: Massive Update Tailored for Fans

As the 9th European anniversary of AION approaches, publisher Gameforge has just released one of the biggest updates of recent years under the premise ‘Here comes the AION that you always wanted’, with changes brought being so extensive that update 6.0 can be compared to a relaunch. The aim of A New Dawn is to “take the game back to its roots and to put AION back in the hands of its fans”.

New Features and Content

A completely reworked storyline lets players dive deeper into the world of Atreia.
The new PvPvE region Lakrum offers players thrilling battles for the fortresses in the north and in the nine artefact garrisons.
New PvE instances Makarna of Bitterness, Prometun’s Workshop and Kubrinerk’s Cube Laboratory offer a challenge to players from level 80 onwards.
A more balanced economy with the newly added Gold Sand Shop, the re-evaluation of the in-game currency Kinah and the introduction of Gold Ingots as tender.

Feature Improvements

• Simplified game systems
• Clearer skill tree: all character values can be seen in one place
• Reworked balance brings more fun to PvP and PvE
• Faster levelling and improved reward system

Community Feedback Implementation

According to Gameforge, The update is, first and foremost, a response to community feedback, bringing an expansive amount of content and substantial improvements to the level and skill systems, so as to lower grinding requirements and provide more fun, in the form of faster and more efficient leveling and better PvP balance.

‘NCSOFT and Gameforge have taken fan wishes seriously and have invested everything in improving the game experience massively’, said Thomas Schöltzel, Product Director at Gameforge. ‘We are really proud to present the players an AION that calls back to its origins and yet at the same time, shines brighter than ever.’

The European update 6.0 corresponds to the Korean update 6.2, where all bug fixes and update changes have already been implemented.

More details about the New Dawn update release can be found on the official patch page: Full Patch Notes

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