NEWS ➢ Alienware’s Giveaway of STO’s Discovery Starter Bundle (PC)

Alienware has partnered with game publisher Perfect World Entertainment to give away free Starter Packs for sci-fi MMORPG Star Trek Online (Windows PC) until the keys run out, in celebration of the game’s newly added Star Trek Online’s 10th Anniversary Update.

The Star Trek Online Giveaway

There are over 10,000 keys left at the time of writing. The giveaway contains several account-wide and character-specific items: advanced Light Cruiser, Inventory Slots, Bank Slots, Bridge Officer Slots, Rare Space Gear and more.

Account Unlock:
– Age of Discovery Starter Pack
– Cyborg Miracle Worker Bridge Officer
– Exclusive Emote – Poker

Unlocked on one character per account:
– Elite Services Starter Pack

How to unlock the STO Giveaway

1. Create or log in to your Alienware Arena account (
2. Click the “GET KEY” button (/
3. Go to
4. Log into your account or sign up for free
5. Click the gear icon at the top right of the Arc Client

About Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online is a long-standing sci-fi MMORPG with a full universe featuring stories from the popular television shows and movies up to the recent Discovery series. Seek out strange new worlds and encounter a variety of alien species in one of the few games based on the iconic Star Trek franchise.

About Alienware

Alienware is a leading innovator and manufacturer of gaming laptops, desktops, gear and accessories that provide users with the means to secure the most immersive gaming experience. The brand has a dedicated community site where game related digital content is offered free on a regular basis.

→ Official Giveaway Page /
→ Official Press Release:

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