NEWS ➢ All-New F2P Battle Royale Map Goes Live in ROE

Ring of Elysium Season 2 has just gone live, bringing major additions and changes to the free-to-play battle royale game, including a brand new map where players have to deal with a massive natural disaster, new on-hand abilities, new vehicles to be found and used, and more.

New Dynamic Map & Disaster

“Located in the heart of the ocean, Europa is surrounded by the sea and has a magnificent coastline, rich vegetation and a warm climate, an incredible holiday destination. However, Alecto, a volcano nearby who had been quiet for tens of thousands of years, was suddenly awaken. The intense activity of the volcano makes the entire sea tremble. Now, the paradise island is about to become a hell on earth. Can the tourists escape from it before it gets devoured by the raging lava?”

The natural disaster on this map is in the form of volcanic ash generated by volcanic eruption, dynamically covering various areas thanks to a dynamic weather system that produces a variety of different weathers during a single game round, including: sunny, light rain, moderate rain, heavy rain, thunderstorms, cloudy, windy, foggy, typhoons, etc. “Highly detailed presentation of natural disasters will provide the ultimate survival experience. The game world will change dynamically as the disaster progresses.
Various distinctive locations including: Ocean Park, St. Gabriel Cathedral, Seafood Market, Marius Observatory, Sidon Castle, Underwater World, etc.

New Abilities and Vehicles

There are now 3 types of on-hand abilities to choose from before the match starts, including the Glider, the BMX bike, and the Grappling hook, each with their peculiar impact on gameplay and combat tactics.

ROE Season 2 Bike

On top of that, there are now 6 types of vehicles: Tuk-tuk, roadster, police car, sightseeing submarine, dinghy, and speedboat, further widening and enriching ROE’s gameplay.

See for Yourself

Here is a link to all live Twitch streamers playing ROE right now (at any time):

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