NEWS ➢ ArcheAge’s early June expansion

ArcheAge will benefit from a brand new and long-awaited expansion titled The Erenor Eternal on June 7, which will bring additional max character level through Ancestral Skills, 2 new zones, new open world PvP and PvE events, a new item tier (Erenor), new grade of gear (Eternal), and massive improvements to core systems.

New gear and grade

The Erenor Eternal expansion comes with brand new, highly customizable Erenor gear added on top of the Ayanad and Obsidian, and is paired with a new level of item enhancement called the Eternal grade.

Level cap increase

The Erenor Eternal update will also free players from the current 55 level cap with the introduction of a brand new skillset named Ancestral (level 1 to 7), a new type of end-game leveling that allows you to augment certain basic skills from your chosen skill trees, by empowering them with elemental effects to change their power or functionality.

3 New places

Two new places will be added in Auroria: the Whaleswell Straits and Whalesong Harbor zones, and one new place in the great seas: Aegis Island. These new areas will feature new open world PVE events, rewarded with honor points and new materials to craft Erenor equipment.

Trade system overhaul

The so called Trade packs will now move through 3 phases as they are transported around the world: Specialty Pack, Cargo, and Certified Cargo. Meanwhile, most trade related NPCs now have their own Trade Outlets to visit.

Changes to crafting

A lot of changes have been made to crafting to satisfy players. It will be less RNG-based, giving players more control and choices over crafting. The Regrade feature, on the other hand, will now display exactly what your odds of success are, allowing you to make your decisions more wisely.

Check the official press release links below for more details.

Letter from the producer

Erenor Eternal Spotlight

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