NEWS ➢ Atlas Reactor – 3rd season launch and upgrades

Atlas Reactor, from giant MMO studio Trion Worlds, just entered Season 3 competition with brand new upgrades. To mark this special occasion, Atlas Reactor introduced a new lore-inspired Freelancer support and map, a collection of Warforged skins, a new Stats feature that tracks your progress, and the return of Extraction game mode.

New Trust and Freelancer

Trusts are the different species that populate the world of Atlas Reactor. On top of the Omni Trust, EvoS, or Warbotics, a new trust is introduced with season 3 launch: Hyperbotics, formed by the recruiting of Warbotics remnants. To represent this new trust, a new Freelancer was created: Meridian, The Herald of Hyperion, a melee support equipped with a massive 2-handed hammer and ultimate protective shields.

New Map: Hyperforge

Hyperforge is a Hyperbotics factory-themed map showing a massive robot being constructed. Unlike other maps, players spawn in the corners and they’ll find themselves rushing into the wide open to grab an early spawning Might buff. This map is rather deadly compared to others; it has many camo pads without cover, a wide open disputed middle with alluring buffs, and tight corridors that create several separate skirmishes with almost no safe place to go to.

New Skins: Warforged

11 new skins are added to the Warforged series with the start of Season 3. Warforged skins are complete robotic-themed, which according to lore are built by Hyperbotics to reign supreme. Kaigin and Phaedra get 4 skins while Su-ren, Rask, and Blackburn get a brand new one.

Stats, Badges, & Achievments

Season 3 introduces a comprehensive and relevant pool of technical role/player stats. Players can track and improve their own play styles within the Support, Firepower, and Frontliner categories, using performance data reports that display your success rates for each Freelancer skill.
These performance charts are paired with rewards in the form of badges that are earned on each game by comparing your own performance to a global average. Certain combinations of badges in a match will earn you notoriety as a Cornerstone, Devastator, Vanguard, or Exemplar.
To crown it all, many unlockable performance-based achievements are added, both on steam and on the stand-alone client, rewarding players who achieve difficult Freelancer-based or general tasks.

Ranked Update

Two weeks from new season start, all players who participate will be able to unlock rewards. At the end of each competitive season, players will unlock special emblems to show off their final rank, but also a huge bonus of Prestige Points that can be used to customize their Freelancers’ primary abilities.

New game mode: Extraction

Extraction makes its way back into the game to strengthen its tactical appeal. Extraction involves extracting a case which can drop when dashing, but that can be picked up again when a teammate also dashes to it on the same turn. Earn 2 points for a kill, and 1 point for holding the case at the end of the turn. After a team has 10 points, their team’s Extraction zone will spawn. You can win by ending your turn with the case in your Extraction zone, or by scoring the most points while holding the case after turn 20.

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