NEWS ➢ BetaDwarf’s Giveaway of Might of the Slither Lords (PC & Mac)

BetaDwarf, the makers of Minion Masters, are giving away the Might of the Slither Lords DLC for free during the first few days of the launch of the game’s new season. The 15$ DLC must be added to your Steam Library before 19 Aug @ 7:00pm.

The Might of the Slither Lords DLC Giveaway

Might of the Slither Lords is the Faction Box for starting or expanding your Slither faction collection. This is a great +300% value bundle of Slither cards, including the cunning Legendary Musketeer and 2 exclusive Slither cosmetics. The DLC giveaway is available on Steam at the following address:

  • 3x Musketeer (Legendary)
  • 5x Harbinger (Supreme)
  • 20x Rabid Prowler
  • 40x Daggerfall
  • 40x Slitherbound
  • 5x Power Tokens (Get 5 extra random surprises)
  • 1x exclusive Legendary Slither Avatar – Animated!
  • 1x exclusive Legendary Slither Emote – Animated!

The Slither Lords use trickery, poison and control to keep their enemies at bay. Keep the strongest minions at arm’s reach with Musketeer’s Dodge ability while Harbinger controls the battlefield with his extremely long range. Slitherbound’s poison keeps enemies’ health low while your Rabid Prowler moves in for the kill with it’s deadly Pounce ability! With this Faction Box, you have the perfect kit to start your reign as a Slither Lord.

About Minion Masters

Minion Masters is a popular free-to-play 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 multiplayer online Minion Battler by Beta Dwarf, mixing gameplay elements drawn from MOBA, RTS and Card games. Collect an army of Mighty Minions & Sparkling Spells, then go head to head with other players in a fast-paced minion brawler. Choose one of the legendary Minion Masters, each with their own unique powers that unlock and evolve as you level up during a duel.

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