NEWS ➢ Bethesda’s Giveaway of Arx Fatalis (PC)

Game developer and publisher Bethesda is giving away free copies of RPG Arx Fatalis (Windows PC) between May 28 and May 31 to anyone who joins the Arkane Outsiders community and subscribes to their newsletter before May 31, 2020.

The Arx Fatalis Giveaway

The game, an RPG classic and a nice gift otherwise sold $5, can be downloaded for FREE on Windows directly from the Bethesda store, after joining the Arkane Outsiders community ( and after subscribing to their newsletter before May 31, 2020. This giveaway event is part of the studio’s 20-year celebration.

About Arx Fatalis

Arx Fatalis is a 2002 action role-playing game developed by Arkane Studios. Arx Fatalis is played from a first-person perspective and is set on a world whose sun has failed, forcing the above-ground creatures to take refuge in caverns. One game mechanic is the use of mouse gestures to cast spells.

About Arkane Studios

Arkane Studios is a French video game developer based in Lyon and owned by ZeniMax Media Inc, which also owns Bethesda. Arkane Studios was founded in 1999, and released its first game, Arx Fatalis, in 2002. Arkane Studios opened a second studio, Arkane Studios Austin, in Austin, Texas, in July 2006.

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