NEWS ➢ Conqueror’s Blade in Open Beta on Dec. 15-16

Upcoming free-to-play multiplayer siege warfare, Conqueror’s Blade, currently in paid early access, will be available for a short OBT phase running non-stop throughout this coming weekend. For the first time anyone will be able to participate, and this may be a sign that a full F2P release is drawing nearer.

‘Siege Test: Winter Mayhem’ Event

The Event is split into 2 phases, the Open Gates Weekend (December 15 – 16) and the Closed Siege Test (December 17-19). Only the former will be open to anyone, as the name suggests, while the latter will only be available to those who have or intend to support the game as founders.

During the Open Gates Weekend, players will be able to “create their characters, select one of the medieval inspired weapon specializations, and learn the art of siege warfare. New players will receive a king’s ransom in silver to equip themselves and their fresh troops“.

Gameplay will be in the form of action-heavy 15v15 multiplayer sieges with several castle assault scenarios, in which “one team storms the walls while the other welcomes the advancing players with barrages of fire and fury. Spectacular to behold and vast in scale, each scenario offers distinct levels of tactical possibility and replay value.

  • Open (free) Weekend: December 15 – 16
  • Times: CET 16:00 – 07:00, EST 10:00 – 01:00, PST 07:00 – 22:00
  • Maps: Siege of Augolia, Harbour City Siege
  • Registration link:

More information about the open beta event can be found on the official Event page

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