NEWS ➢ Dark Age of Camelot turns F2P after 17 years in service

For over 16 years now, millions have successively ventured into the three unique and vibrant realms featured in Dark Age of Camelot and participated in its iconic Realm vs Realm combat. Electronic Art, the game’s publisher since 2006, announced today that a new account scheme named Endless Conquest will come Fall 2018, giving players FREE access to one of the most acclaimed PvP MMOs of all time.

F2P Features

The Endless Conquest will be a new account type that allows players to play the core features of Dark Age of Camelot through level 50 and beyond for free, without a paid subscription, while the premium subscription-based account type will remain in place. “Endless Conquest players will be able to level all the way to 50 on a limited selection of classes, participate fully in RvR, and earn Master Levels, Champion Levels, and Realm Rank – to a point”. Endless Conquest accounts will also receive complementary access to all Dark Age of Camelot expansions through Labyrinth of the Minotaur and will be able to explore one of Albion, Midgard, or Hibernia.

F2P Limitations

While becoming permanently free, there will be some limitations on the Endless Conquest accounts such as character slots, leveling rates, house ownership, item trade and storage, being limited to Ywain and Gaheris servers only, and more yet to be announced.
As they stand now, the Endless Conquest’s F2P limitations are as follows:
-One character slot per account.
-Experience, bounty point, coin, and realm point gain much reduced compared to normal accounts.
-A house may not be placed nor will permission be given to use a friend’s house. “They may only enter the housing region and buy from the Market Explorer and consignment merchants.”
-Can only trade player-crafted items.
-Purchasable access to the personal vault or bank.

Restrictions are still in active development and a comprehensive list will be available as soon as it is finalized.

You will find the latest technical information on their dedicated FAQ page. Read the
Producer’s letter announcing Endless Conquest.

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