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Mist of the Dark

The early access release of horror-themed, multiplayer survival shooter “Mist of the Dark” has been delayed for a few days, but game keys are being provided by Visualistic Studios to give players full free access to the game now.

Source of short ongoing delay

The reason for delay comes from a little synchronization mishap which made the developer have to resubmit the right version of the game, extending the steam verification process/period by a few days: “Our release was delayed due to a mess up on our end. I switched the cave’s gamemode to take screenshots, and didn’t end up changing it back. It’s now fixed, but it wasn’t earlier today when Steam took a look at the game” the Dev stated on the game’s dedicated Steam news page.

Game access provided anyway

To circumvent this unfortunate delay, the Dev has quickly reacted by providing game key access via at the following LINK, until the game gets a proper Steam EA introduction, which is expected to occur “early next week”.

Bear in mind that the game is still in its EA/Alpha phase, meaning that you are to expect bugs and reduced content at this stage. The indie studio has opened the gates to its early version of the game so that they can correct bugs and add new content based on constructive player feedback.

We wish them a pleasurable EA experience as they are the ones working hard on this free-to-play title.

Official Dev Update

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