NEWS ➢ F2P Adventure The Tomorrow Children Brought Back to Life

Q-Games, the original creator of once free to play PS4 co-operative adventure game The Tomorrow Children have come to an agreement with Sony Interactive Entertainment to have the game’s ownership rights transferred back to the former for a re-launch.

Relaunch Announcement

Q-Games is now actively rebuilding The Tomorrow Children much to the delight of its numerous fans who saw the game unexpectedly taken out of the PS4 store in 2017 just one year after launch, despite it being a rather unique and beloved game showcasing a very interesting, unorthodox rendering technology called Voxel Cone Tracing.

Message to fans from Dylan Cuthbert, Founder and Director:

I’d like to thank first and foremost the fans of The Tomorrow Children, without whom, I would never have had the confidence to keep pursuing this deal. Our fans are some of the most amazing gamers out there, and every day for the past four years they have kept the dream alive. I think the happiest thing about this decision is imagining the enjoyment those fans will feel as they re-enter the crazy post-apocalyptic neo-soviet world of The Tomorrow Children.

We don’t know at this stage on which consoles and platforms the game will relaunch, nor whether it will be free-to-play at launch or become so subsequently.

About The Tomorrow Children

The Tomorrow Children is an adventure video game developed by Japan Studio and Q-Games, and first published by Sony Interactive Entertainment in September 2016. The game was made free to play on October 25, 2016, before service was shut down in 2017. The Tomorrow Children tells the story of a well-intentioned but failed Soviet experiment leading to the destruction of almost all life on Earth, and leaving the planet enveloped in a milky viscous sea of nothingness that stretches for as far as the eye can see. A handful of survivors are however left with the difficult task of rebuilding civilization in the face of numerous dangers and impediments.

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