NEWS ➢ F2P BR Game Deathverse Out Now on PS4/PS5, Oct. 5 on PC

Free to play hack’n’slash battle royale game Deathverse : Let It Die by GungHo Online Entertainment and Supertrick Games has launched on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, with the PC release set for October 5 on Steam. The new trailer below was published to kick off Season 1.

What’s Deathverse: Let It Die

Deathverse is a new free-to-play multiplayer action game and a spiritual spinoff to 2016 single-player hack-and-slash action game Let it Die. In Deathverse, players compete in a 16-player survival battle arena as contestants of a world-renowned TV show named DEATH JAMBOREE. With the help of your robot companion, Wilson, you must fight off, defend against, and outsmart enemies in Player-versus-Player-versus-Envrionment (PVPVE) madness to be the last one standing.

Game Links

PS4 & PS5:
Steam (PC):

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