NEWS ➢ F2P BR Off The Grid Raises $46M For Blockchain Integration

Gunzilla Games have secured another $46M in funding to build GunZ, a blockchain platform granting players complete ownership over items earned in games to be published by the studio, starting with Off The Grid, an upcoming free to play battle royale game.

In-game item trading & ownership

Players will be able to buy new NFT-supported in-game items from other players who earned them or acquired them from other players. Trading will be handled via an internal blockchain based marketplace or any third-party marketplace which supports NFT technology.

We are striving to provide players with complete freedom in every detail of OTG, and with each step of its gameplay. In OTG additionally to the core gameplay, players will be able to own and trade their in-game items with other players. As well as assure players that their hard-earned items remain theirs to keep, no matter what. In today’s free-to-play games, if you pay for something, it isn’t yours. You do not, and cannot, own anything.

Gunzilla have also claimed that they will never sell NFTs directly to their player community, nor will they hide progression or any game features behind a paywall, with trading remaining entirely optional.

About Off The Grid

OTG is a free to play cyberpunk-themed Battle Royale TPS (third-person shooter) being developed for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC by Gunzilla Games on Unreal Engine 5. To be released in 2023, the game aims to evolve the Battle Royale genre through strong emphasis on narrative progression, giving players the freedom to control the story and impact gameplay with each decision they make.

Game Website:

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