NEWS ➢ F2P Horror MMORPG Mad World Launches (Almost) Globally

JANDISOFT’s long-awaited web-based, free to play horror MMORPG title Mad World has finally been released today, April 27th on PC, albeit with a few issues which have delayed the launch of the game on Steam, or made it harder for some players to play it online.

PC-only Launch

This month’s global launch is primarily reserved for PC users. The game can be played online via or downloaded on Steam. Service on mobile and other platforms is still in the works.

Delayed Steam Launch

The Steam version was scheduled to be released on April 27th, but it has been postponed following unexpected issues with the Steam’s inspection process taking longer than expected. The game may however be played online at

EU Server Issue (resolved)

Issues had also been reported on launch day for EU players trying to join the EU server “Beelzebub”, getting a “can’t create account” alert, which are now resolved.

Set Mad World to English

If the language is set to Korean once you get to and you don’t know where to click in order to change it to English, please look at the picture below for help (same design in both languages): once you get to the game page (, click on the last, bottom option from the list on the right hand side. This will open the settings window, with the top “select language field” being possibly empty. Click on the empty field and choose English.

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