NEWS ➢ F2P MMORPG Soul of the Ultimate Nation is Back

Soul of the Ultimate Nation (SUN Online), a popular hack & slash MMORPG for PC (Windows) first published in 2007, is making a comeback as SUN Classic with a few graphic and gameplay improvements.

Changes to the 2007 Edition

Changes from SUN Online (2007) to SUN Classic (2022) include a few graphic improvements (but not that many, keeping the game compatible with older or low-end PCs) in the form of added shadow effects to objects (which were non-existent then), adjustments to the coloring to emphasise visual details and change the feel of some of the biomes, spell animation improvements and more, as well as gameplay system improvements such as more ways to loot and progress characters, accessibility improvements including an optional auto-combat mode, UI overhaul and more

Global initial launch limitations

During this initial “global” launch, SUN Classic will first be available in Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea in 4 different languages – Simplified or traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English (automated translation). Publisher WEBZEN plans to expand service to Southeast Asia and other regions not too long after. For other regions, currently the website and servers may be far too long to load for now.

More Info

Official website:
Official Taiwanese Facebook:
Official Discord server:

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