NEWS ➢ F2P Mobile The Division Announcement & CBT Registration

Ubisoft announced The Division® Resurgence, a new free to play shooter RPG hybrid mobile game set in the Tom Clancy’s The Division universe, featuring a new storyline, different classes and challenging enemy factions.

Beta Testing

No information has been shared regarding the next CBT date, let alone any release date, but players can now sign up on iOS and Android™ devices for a chance to participate in upcoming beta tests at Starting a few days prior to the Closed Alpha, Ubisoft will send out several waves of invitations to players who registered depending on the devices and locations they wish to test first. More information:…how-to-join-the-closed-alpha-for-the-division-resurgence

About The Division® Resurgence

The Division Resurgence is a free to play third-person shooter RPG by Ubisoft set in a massive urban open world where players will be free to roam around. The game is playable solo or co-op with a variety of PvE activities, from story missions to world activities. This new mobile adaptation builds on all the original game modes, while bringing new gear, weapons, and a new storyline.

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