NEWS ➢ F2P PVE Mech Shooter Hawken Reborn Revealed, Out 05/17

505 Games has announced the impending release of free-to-play PVE mech FPS Hawken Reborn. The game will launch in Early Access via Steam PC on May 17.

Built from the ground up as an all-new immersive PVE experience, Hawken Reborn is the next installment of the original Hawken (2012). While bringing back the fast-paced mech combat that made the original so popular, this edition boasts an expanding story-driven campaign played in PVE mode.

Early Access

When Hawken Reborn releases in early access, players will first be able to enjoy the first six missions designed to introduce the player to the game’s narrative and gameplay mechanics that will expand as the game continues to grow.

Once the six “Arc 0” missions are completed, players will have access to the sandbox world of Illal in Patrol Mode and take on the 30 Patrol Missions featuring a wide variety of objectives that further expands on the characters and narratives in Hawken Reborn.
Patrol Mode will be your go-to destination for farming materials and testing out your latest builds.

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