NEWS ➢ F2P Space Sim Infinite Lagrange Out April 21 (PC & Mobile)

NetEase Games has announced the release date of its stunning movie-like sci-fi grand space simulation game Infinite Lagrange for both mobile devices and PC in Europe has been set to April 21st, 2021, with more regions to be served later this year.

Space Sim Gameplay

Players may start with a small fleet consisting of three ships but can build invincible fleets of thousands of spaceships and immerse in large-scale space battles with friends and allies as well as explore the endless depths of the universe in stunning movie-like 3D graphics and visuals on their mobile devices and PCs. Combining all guild fleets will leverage enough power to take down whole cities and military bases.

Sci-fi Game Plot

Infinite Lagrange is set in a future, in which scientists discovered a time-space singularity known as a Lagrange Node. These singularities allowed for the construction of star gates spanning across countless galaxies and the creation of the Lagrange Network. In the following years, humanity expanded rapidly and aggressively, leading to the rise and fall of countless civilizations and empires. Eventually the Lagrange Network fell victim to the wars being waged in the universe and it was shattered into pieces. The players will embark on their adventure with nothing more than a small ship and only being able to build a little base.

Pre-registration is already possible via App Store or Google Play in Europe for now.

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