NEWS ➢ F2P Sustainable Farm Sim Roots of Tomorrow Goes Mobile

Indie game developer and publisher Gamabilis has announced that their free-to-play sustainable farm simulator Roots of Tomorrow is now available on mobile devices (Android and iOS), on top of the PC version (Windows/Mac) released earlier this year.

About Roots of Tomorrow

Roots of Tomorrow is a free to play turn-based strategy and management game made to better understand agroecology (sustainable agriculture). Currently, players can choose one type of livestock (pigs, cows or sheep) on top of growing multiple crops, and start their farming career in France by playing as one of four characters, each one having their own perks. The goal is to transition the farm to an agroecological system within 10 years. There are numerous ways to accomplish this goal, all of which will depend on player choices in balancing economic, environmental, and social scores.

Free-to-play Model

Pretty much all of the core game is available for free. Players can try 3 different farms with 4 different characters, providing a fair amount of replay value. In-game purchases are DLCs which include extra characters, and an extra agricultural activity, Beekeeping, which isn’t mandatory in order to beat the game.

Game Links

Android: Link
iOS: Link
Steam (Windows/Mac): Link

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