NEWS ➢ F2P Team-Based Shooter Crowz Out Early on March 29

Free-to-play multiplayer online shooter CROWZ (FPS/TPS) for PC (Windows), by South Korea publisher ThumbAge, will launch on Steam Early Access on Tuesday, March 29. The game features ground, sea and air combat, and two game modes.

About Crowz

In CROWZ, mercenaries fight on foot and in vehicles by air, land, and sea, using first or third person view, to secure resources from falling meteorites and complete objectives.
The game will offer two game modes, one of which is akin to a battle royale mode, and the other based on area control.
Squad Operation: Play as a four-player mercenary squad while collecting Q-on from extraction devices in an open-world game mode similar to Battle Royale. PVE elements include falling meteorites and asphyxiating gas that can undermine objective completion at any time. Once enough resources have been collected, call a helicopter to try an ultimate escape.
Blood Zone:: Two 32-person CROWZ factions wage an all-out war to secure Q-on extraction sites spread across the map. Control is seized with coordinated flanking assaults, manual weapon loadout drops, heavy tanks, helicopters, boats, and more vehicles to earn the most resources in a match.

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