NEWS ➢ Fortnite Save The World Won’t Be Free Before 2019

Epic have decided to delay the F2P launch of Save the World until next year, departing from the initial plan to make it free by 2018. The reasons stated by Epic for the delay are plenty and include working on a broad set of features, reworks, and backend system scaling that they believe are needed to go free-to-play.

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Changes Announced So Far

Epic have stated that they need to keep working on a broad set of features, reworks, and backend system scaling before making the game mode free-to-play. While more details about these changes and tweaks will be shared in the next few weeks, to prepare for their rollout in the next few months, Epic has already announced that they include UI improvements and a new hero system.

UI improvements: The Epic team is working on a front-end UI revamp, stating that it should feel “more like an integrated and understandable part of the game. Bringing the inventory into the front-end earlier this year was the first step, but the upcoming revamp will push things even further”.

They’re reorganizing menu options to make them easier to find and converting some old UI tutorial quests to use a new callout system (maybe similar to that found in games like GTA 5). Additionally, they’re adding polish and character to the menus and “want to move more of your Fortnite experience into the game rather than in the front-end.

New Hero System: Part of the announcement unveils a brand new updated Hero System, with an increase in Hero slots from 3 to 6, redesigned to offer “a more flexible approach to customizing your loadout with more options and room for creativity” .

A main Hero is to remain selected as top commander and up to five additional heroes will be available to determine the perks and traits of the overall loadout. They’re looking to expand the variety of loadouts players can create – “putting the tools in their hands to make meaningful new decisions“.

And Getting the F2P Right?

No mention has been made of the F2P model that will be introduced and make up the game’s core balance. As Fortnite Save The World now stands, micro-transactions are already enabled and part of the game, but they are mostly designed to buy loot crates containing a randomized set of items that can otherwise be earned by completing the game’s quests and side missions. Not only are these micro-transactions currently fully optional, but the in-game V-Buck currency used to buy them can also be earned in-game, giving little incentive to purchase anything using real money, which is great for the players, but maybe not as great for the publisher once the game becomes free-to-play.

More details about this announcement can be found on the official Announcement Page

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