NEWS ➢ Fortnite: What’s New in Season 6 Launch Patch

Much awaited Season 6 has launched in Fortnite‘s free-to-play Battle Royale with the introduction of pets, Shadow Stones, floating islands, growing crops and more to be added here as they are discovered.

Fortnite Pets

Fortnite Battle Royale sees the introduction of in-game pets. These passive companions can be unlocked as you level up your Battle Pass. Pets include Bonesy (level 12), Scales (level 43), and Camo (level 29), and will join you on your journey across the map as cosmetic critters nested in their own backpack carriers, fastened to your back and reacting to the different situations you encounter.

Cosmetic Pets

Shadow Stones

This new consumable item is scattered across different outdoor locations around the map. A large, scorched runic landmark that can be seen from the sky makes its localisation possible from afar. It has to be consumed on the spot and cannot be stored and carried for later use, and it will undoubtedly change the way the game is played and alter most elementary combat tactics.

Shadow Stones

Consuming it transforms the player into a dark ghost-like reaper with long-lasting stealth effects that allow them to become invisible when standing still and to “phase” through walls and ceilings, move faster, jump higher and hover the ground to avoid damage from falling, all possible while enjoying all but one action: the ability to fire. Item lasts for over 45 seconds once consumed and can be deactivated and reactivated during that time to allow firing.

Fortnite Shadow-Stoned

Update: Shadow Stones have been removed less than one day after their introduction due to a bug and no information has been given since as to when it will be brought back, since they are currently working on a fix.

Castle at Haunted Hills

A huge spooky castle has been placed on top of Haunted Hills, adding to the horror feel that characterizes the launch of Season 6 and turning this once bare mount into a useful and entertaining landing spot.

Haunted Hills Season 6

Floating Island

A brand new kind of location has been added to the Map. The long awaited change that was cooking on the purple Loot Lake has finally materialized in the form of an air-floating island that has detached from the lake, to finally stand still in the air high above it. The hole left at ground level has turned into gigantic falls that cause a massive air pressure kind of phenomena, allowing players to get effortless lifts to the island.

Fortnite Floating island

Update: The island has been changing position since, slowly drifting away from the lake as time goes by and heading to a location that has yet to be confirmed.

Growing Crops

A nice addition to the map, crops located in Fatal Fields have grown very tall, to the point where you can completely hide inside (and get lost!), both from players standing next to it and from those who may be located above it in the sky. The crops also contain chests, albeit not many, and may constitute a good landing location if you are a bit late for Fatal Fields’ main loot spots.

Haunted Hills Season 6

More details about the Season 6 launch patch can be found on the official patch page: Full Patch Notes

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