NEWS ➢ Free AppGameKit Classic (PC, Mac & Linux)

TheGameCreators is offering its multi-platform game & app development software for FREE (normally costs $45) until October 5th. The software can be used to make all sorts of games and apps. A must-claim gift if you want to start developing games or need an easy to use (or so it is said) game engine.

Free copy of AppGameKit Classic

The software is now available free on the following Steam page: Steam users can then add the software to their library for free right away or BEFORE the giveaway expires on October 5th, 2020.

About AppGameKit Classic

AppGameKit Classic is a powerful game development engine, ideal for Beginners, Hobbyists & Indie developers. Now anyone can quickly code and build apps for multiple platforms using AppGameKit’s BASIC scripting system. With just a few commands you can have demos/games up and running on mobile devices. Bob Duffy, Developer Relations Intel Corporation, said “AppGameKit is a great cross platform development tool. It allows developers to quickly optimize and compile apps.”

Posted on: October 3, 2020 - by Mike (admin)
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