NEWS ➢ Free Dungeons & Dragons Online DLCs on DDO

From March 24 through to April 23rd, 2023 you can enter a special Coupon Code through Redeem Code in the free-to-play DDO ingame store to get all of the game’s currently-available adventure packs for free. These adventure packs will be permanently added to your existing or newly created account.

How to claim the free DLC

EVERYONE can redeem the code, whether you are a free player, Premium, or VIP on an any existing or new account. Here is the link the announcement: In order to create a new account, download the free-to-play game and claim the free content, visit

The Coupon Code is: DUNGEONCRAWL (1/Account, available to redeem through April 23rd, 2023)

Free DLC Content

The coupon code grants the following quest packs:

Against the Slave Lords – Attack on Stormreach – Delera’s Tomb – Devil Assault – Disciples of Rage – Dragonblood – Prophecy – Eveningstar Challenge Pack – Harbinger of Madness – Haunted Halls of Eveningstar – Heart of Madness – Keep on the Borderlands – Peril of the Planar Eyes – Phiarlan Carnival – Reign of Madness – Secrets of the Artificers – Sentinels of Stormreach – Shadow Under Thunderholme – Shan-to-Kor – Sorrowdusk Isl – Tangleroot Gorge – The Catacombs – The Demon Sands – The Devil’s Gambit – The Devils of Shavarath – The Dreaming Dark – The Druid’s Deep – The High Road of Shadow – The Lost Gatekeepers – The Mines of Tethyamar – The Necropolis, Part 1 – The Necropolis, Part 2 – The Necropolis, Part 3 – The Necropolis, Part 4 – The Path of Inspiration – The Reaver’s Reach – The Red Fens – The Restless Isles – The Ruins of Gianthold – The Ruins of Threnal – The Sharn Syndicate – The Soul Splitter – The Temple of Elemental Evil – The Vale of Twilight – The Vault of Night – Three-Barrel Cove – Trials of the Archons – Vaults of the Artificers – White Plume Mountain & Other Tales.

Additionally, enjoy a limited time sale on select Expansion quests in the DDO Store where you will be able to pick up the following items for only 99 points through 11:59pm Eastern (-4 GMT) April 23rd, 2023:
Masterminds of Sharn – Menace of the Underdark – The Shadowfell Conspiracy – Mists of Ravenloft

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