NEWS ➢ Free Minion Masters – Frost Dragon’s Lair on Steam

Game studio and publisher BetaDwar is offering free copies of its latest expansion Frost Dragon’s Lair (normally sold $15), to be claimed and added to the free-to-play base game Minion Masters via Steam before April 15.

Where/How to claim the Frost Dragon’s Lair DLC

All you need to do is go to the Steam page: before April 15 to claim and add the expansion to the base game, which is free-to-play.

About Frost Dragon’s Lair

Frost Dragon’s Lair DLC is a great +300% value bundle that gives you what you need to build your own Stoutheart deck, including the legendary Scott the Sensitive Savage. It also gives you a headstart in this month’s Season Pass.

3x Scott the Sensitive Savage (Legendary)
5x Mountain Gale (Supreme)
20x Caber Tosser
40x Frostfeathers
40x Woodsman
5x Power Tokens (Get 5 extra random surprises)
3x Season Pass Tiers

Posted on: April 8, 2022 - by Mike (admin)
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