NEWS ➢ Free Minion Masters – Furry Fury DLC on Steam

Game studio and publisher BetaDwar is offering free copies of latest expansion Furry Fury (normally sold $15), to be claimed and added to their free-to-play base game Minion Masters (Windows and Mac) via Steam before January 13.

Where/How to claim the Furry Fury DLC

All you need to do is go to the Steam page: before January 13 to claim and add the expansion to the base game, which is free-to-play.

About Furry Fury

The Torment DLC is a great +300% value bundle to unleash fire and fury on your enemies! including the legendary Crakgul Doomcleaver! It also gives you a headstart in this month’s Season Pass.
– Snow Wall Arena
– Ravager (Master)
– Gray Wolf Ravager Master Skin
– 3x Fergus Flagon Fighter (Legendary card)
– 5x Mountain Gale (Supreme card)
– 20x Adventure Party
– 40x Wild Stonebjorn
– 5x Power Tokens (Get 5 extra random surprises)
– 3x Season Pass Tiers

Embrace your inner beast with Ravager. Use Ravager and his friends BRUTUS and TERROR BRUTUS to make crushing attacks. Support Ravager’s attacks with sturdy Stoutheart to make unstoppable pushes. The pack also includes the custom arena Snow Wall which is the perfect setting to unleash the fury of the north!
With this DLC, you have the perfect kit to start your reign as a demonic overlord!

Posted on: January 7, 2023 - by Mike (admin)