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Indie game studio UntoldTales is offering anyone a free copy of their story-driven puzzle platformer Super Chicken Jumper for PC (Windows, Mac) on using the Opera Gx browser. This $3 value giveaway will expire on June 01, 2023.

Where/How to claim Super Chicken Jumper for free

All you need to do is go to the game’s page on ( and install Opera Gx from there so you can add and play the game on the browser using an Opera account. The gifting period will end on May 18, 2023.

About Super Chicken Jumper

A spy-chicken tries to save the world from doom in this runner/shooter game that has a little bit of everything with a touch of chicken and anime girls on top.
The world is in danger. Evil forces from the past have come to destroy our planet and the only individual that Mrs. President trusts to save our lives is you, Chicken.
This is a runner game with a little touch of shooter in it, so… Run, jump, dodge, destroy and kill everything in your path, those are the basic things you’ll need to do to fight the evil that’s rising from hell. Listen to the advice of the most cute anime girls you’ll ever see and you’ll be just fine. Oh, and be aware of the mushrooms you’ll eat, some of them are quiiiiite dangerous.

What is GX.Games?

GX.Games is a browser gaming website dedicated to indie games made with GameMaker. Users can play games featured on GX.Games using the Opera GX browser, which needs to be installed first. As a way to promote their platform, GX.Games is making some of the games available for free, several months before their paid release on other platforms (e.g. Steam, Epic Games).

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