NEWS ➢ GameSessions’ Giveaway of The King’s Bird (PC)

GameSessions, the company pioneering game giveaways and trials, is back today with yet another premium quality game giveaway for PC. After giving away Grid Autosport and Epicstory just a few months ago, this time, it’s a much acclaimed platformer that’s been put up for grabs until September 04, The King’s Bird, and as is always the case at GameSessions, there is zero requirement to enjoy it.

About The King’s Bird and This Free Version

The King’s Bird is a 20$ precision-platformer developed by American indie game studio Serenity Forge and published by Canadian indie game publisher Graffiti Games. Players utilize momentum to dash and glide through challenges in a world of silhouettes. As the levels progress, they becoming increasingly challenging. The game emphasizes a minimalist, artistic presentation with bright colors and gameplay inspired by other games of the precision-platformer genre, such as Dustforce, Super Meat Boy and N+.

How To Activate The King’s Bird for Free

The King’s Bird is being offered courtesy of GameSessions, a gaming platform that offers players a way to try games before they decide to buy them or not. Once in a while, Gamesessions also give AAA games away, to be downloaded, activated and played on their own platform exclusively.
In order to activate The King’s Bird permanently, you just have to play the game for 5 minutes on GameSessions, using the following official link

The dead line to secure that free copy of The King’s Bird has been set to September 04, 2019 (10AM UTC) . Any attempt to activate and get the full game for free passed this date will not be successful and you’ll be returned to the default trial version.

More details about The King’s Bird giveaway by GameSessions can be found on the official Giveaway page.

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