NEWS ➢ Garbage Pail Kids Taunt the World with a New Trailer

Jago Studios, an indie studio partnering up with The Topps Company for the development and publishing of mobile card battler Garbage Pail Kids: The Game, has uploaded a new trailer to taunt old fans and inform new ones that its going to be Halloween all year long once the game launches worldwide.

What the Hell are those Garbage Pail Kids?

Garbage Pail Kids is the name of a series of collectible trading cards and stickers originally issued by The Topps Company in 1985 with over 600 collectible characters created between 1985 and 1988. The cards quickly went viral back then in schools worldwide, from primary to college, to the point that they were even banned in many of them for being too high a source of distraction in class. Bear in mind that kids at the time didn’t have access to the internet, and portable phones did not even exist then. Kids were getting most of their entertainment from real toys and a few TV channels, the access to and the consumption of which was totally managed by and dependent on their parents’ will.

Garbage Pail Kids to be released soon

However, that didn’t prevent kids from acquiring products that their parents found shocking and totally unwelcome, like the Garbage Pail Kids cards, which was a great source of laugh and fun for kids at a time when most of their entertainment was designed to be as cute and touching as possible (eg. the Care Bears). New GPK packs were issued in 2003 and were met with massive enthusiasm also, initiating a new era for the notorious brand.

Garbage Pail Kid: The (Upcoming) Game

Now, the Garbage Pail Kids are making a comeback in a digital form this time, with the game being advertised as a free-to-play mobile card-battling RPG, featuring the original cards as well as a whole new lot of newly designed ones. Like the recent GhostBusters mobile game, this digital gaming take on Garbage Pail Kids seems to draw attention and interest mostly from people who were kids back in the 80s, but those disgusting and horrific baby faces will certainly manage to amuse the world for generations to come.

Release and Early Game Testers

The free-to-play mobile game is currently in soft launch and will be released worldwide on the App Store and Google Play in early 2019. During the ongoing soft launch, a small group of players are allowed to test the game following a beta tester contest that has just ended. Out of 1100 responses, the team from Jago Studios chose ten players who will have several weeks to play an early version of the game and will have a video call with the Jago Studios team to talk about the game, ask questions, and offer feedback.

We had an overwhelming response from Garbage Pail Kids fans wanting to be early game testers. We read hundreds of engaging stories of playground candy trades, corner store adventures, and grossing out family,” said Stuart Drexler, Jago Studios founder and chief executive officer. “We are grateful to share in the childhood memories, nostalgia, humor, and irreverence the brand has fostered for decades. Ultimately, we chose this round of testers based on humor, experience, storytelling, fandom, and ideal device capabilities, but we wish we could have included everyone. We look forward to gaining game feedback directly from this engaged community.

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