NEWS ➢ Giveaway: Murderous Pursuits Is Free Until October 29

Murderous Pursuits, a multiplayer murder mystery hunt game that draws inspiration from such titles as The Ship: Murder Party and Assassin’s Creed, is being offered for free by Blazing Griffin during a time-limited Giveaway event running on Steam until October 29.

What’s Murderous Pursuits?

Murderous Pursuits is set on board a Victorian-era ship, where another player among the passengers must be identified and killed without drawing too much attention or having the guards witnessing the diabolical deed, and this has to be done while evading your own murderous hunters. To survive, you’ll have to act like an unassuming passenger and avoid revealing yourself, locate high-scoring weapons, and stalk and kill your targets in a manner that befits your station as an arch villain.

How has the Game Performed?

Steam reviews have been mixed since the game launched on April 26, 2018 via Steam. The reasons given by some include the price ($20.00) and the changes brought to the gameplay mechanics compared to its successful 2006 predecessor, The Ship: Murder Party, with changes being apparently so big that it hurt some players who were still filled with lavish nostalgia, like this guy who even goes on to state (after 10 minutes of play time) that, “This is a punch in the face for every guy who liked ‘The Ship’“.

Murderous Pursuits screenshot

However, the major gameplay departure concerns the removal of the FPS-style combat system, with a focus on Stealth instead. The majority of players who have dared to try the game beyond their first impressions have actually enjoyed it, and they include guys who even liked The Ship:

There are several gameplay improvements over the predecessor, The Ship, which can make this game much more balanced and fun.
The maps feel alive now, with tons of NPCs interacting in babble and a formal system exists where you have to act like a NPC to stay hidden.
(Extract from Lowkae)

How to Get Murderous Pursuits for Free?

This giveaway comes in the simplest of forms: no key required, no side quests to complete, absolutely no strings attached, just head over to the Steam page and add the game to your library to unlock it permanently.
This giveaway event runs until Monday October 29th, 10AM PDT.

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