NEWS ➢ Hyper Universe Launches on Xbox One

Hyper Universe has officially launched on Xbox One, with skin giveaways attributed to players who give the game a try during the launch event period. The game has now joined its Windows counterpart, albeit partly and slightly differently, as the Xbox One version has been graphically enhanced compared to the PC version.

Launch Celebration Giveaways

Dead Maze
Aurora’s Blade Skin for Allen

As part of the official launch celebration event, from August 7 to September 10, 2018, players who play and win ten matches will receive an Xbox One exclusive Aurora’s Blade Skin for Allen.
Also, and maybe more importantly, daily and weekly missions will offer Hypers additional skin rewards, including a coupon to unlock almost any skin in the game.

Differences with Windows version

No ranked mode: The Xbox One version doesn’t feature a ranked mode, unlike the Windows PC one. A ranked mode will most likely be introduced in the near future if enough players show such interest.
Less maps: While the PC version features 4 maps, namely Delta Station, Dragon Refuge, Fortress of the Guardians and House of Mysteries, the Xbox One version only has the first two so far.
Champion roster & rotation: The Xbox One version launches with 39 champions, while the PC version currently has 48 Hypers to choose from. This probably has to do with the extra work incurred by porting an enhanced version of Hyper Universe to console. As a result, the free weekly champion rotation is also different. The following Hypers will be available on Xbox One from August 7 to August 16: Admital W (Tank), Sun Wukong (Bruiser), Tatyana (Specialist), Michelle (Striker), Pinky (Support), Kurenai (Assassin).
Console Enhancement: The Xbox One version has been enhanced with 4K Ultra HD and HDR compatibility while the PC version hasn’t.

No Cross-Platform Compatibility

As the Xbox One version of Hyper Universe has been enhanced using a more recent and advanced Unity platform, with each game element having be reworked to fit the latter’s requirements, there is no cross-platform server fusion between Xbox One and PC players. “Currently, both the Xbox One and PC platforms are running on different Unity platforms. At this time we do not have plans to make them compatible, but we might look into this in the future.” Nexon has previously stated.

Official Press Release

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