NEWS ➢ Kickstarter For F2P RTS Soulless Legions Now Live

Indie studio Mech21 Games has announced that the Kickstarter Campaign to fund their upcoming free to play 1v1 deckbuilding RTS game Soulless Legions is now live.

Road Map

Soulless Legions is planned for early access release in Q1 2023 on Windows (via Steam) before any other systems/platforms are considered. The studio aims to create a competitive, non pay-to-win strategy game open to all kinds of players, featuring a vast array of combinations and possibilities through the use of card based abilities.
Closed beta tests will be held in Q4 2022.

Free to play Model

The items for sale in the game store will be “cosmetic items only, such as unit skins (individual & bundles) and levels“. Levels will load on the client side “so you can choose what dimension you prefer to battle on the most“.

More info:

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