NEWS ➢ Microsoft’s Giveaway of Pocket Gunner (PC)

The Microsoft Store has partnered with game developer & publisher Fuukrt Game to give anyone a free copy of third-person action shooter Pocket gunner (Windows PC & Windows mobile versions), until October 14th. The game can be downloaded directly via Microsoft’s store.

The Pocket Gunner Giveaway

The game, a nice gift otherwise sold $8, can be downloaded for Windows directly from the Windows store at, until October 14!

About Pocket Gunner

Pocket Gunner is a third-person action shooter with good graphics, fine fighting scenes and a full-fledged protagonist. In the game, you will play the Marine Corps and perform missions on the planets of Pluto. Unexpectedly, artificial intelligence (AI) launches rebellion and controls various robots on the planet to chase you. And your mission is to escape….

Posted on: September 28, 2019 - by Mike (admin)
Tags: isometric, PC, shooter, Windows, Windows Phone

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