NEWS ➢ Netmarble Completes A3: Still Alive Blockchain Integration

Leading F2P games publisher Netmarble Corp. have completed their first blockchain integration into A3: Still Alive, a free to play multiplayer RPG for mobile and Windows PC. Players globally can now refine their ore to mint a new INETRIUM token. However, unless you are level 190 or close to it, it may require weeks of tedious grinding.

About the INETRIUM blockchain token

INETRIUM is a utility token on the MARBLEX (MBX) blockchain ecosystem developed by Netmarble N2. Inetrium will be integrated into many Netmarble made games as fungible tokens (no NFTs involved), starting now with A3: Still Alive. Netmarble states that “users can exchange in-game goods for Inetrium and freely utilize it (store, exchange, buy, and sell) outside the game” using Netmarble’s environment and internal crypto currency MARBLEX (possibly under the acronym MBX, but not to be confused with any other existing MBX-named crypto), which will not be sold to the public but generated through gameplay only, once their dedicated MBX Wallet service activates in the near future.

Official INETRIUM website:

How to get INETRIUM in A3: Still Alive

A3:Still Alive is the first game from Netmarble to implement the new blockchain ecosystem. However the in-game token Inetrium will be hard to come by at this early stage as players can only get it by collecting Inetrion Ore first in an Inetrion Dungeon, which is strictly reserved for players who have progressed to level 190 or above. This might take weeks for a new F2P player. Once enough ore is collected by defeating monsters in said dungeon, a new Inetrium coin can be minted using a spell, and then exchanged for MBX, which will be convertible into other crypto currencies and services outside the game (in future updates).

Official A3:Still Alive website:

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