NEWS ➢ New F2P Fighter Project HP Trailer (PC)

Global F2P games leader Nexon today unveiled details on new games in development at the company’s studios in Seoul, South Korea, including Project HP, a free-to-play medieval fighter similar to games like Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II.

About Project HP

‘Project HP’ is the next project of director Eun-seok Lee, who has been breaking the conventional wisdom in the game industry with his unique and novel planning skills. It is a hand-to-hand PvP (PvP) action game for PC in which more than 30 users fight at close range against the backdrop of a detailed fantasy medieval battlefield.

Project HP Release

Project HP is under active development and will first launch in South Korea with closed beta tests starting from 12 noon on August 5 to 8, with the test version being a scramble for ‘Faden’, a battle that strategically utilizes auxiliary bases with special effects. It consists of two casual modes in a 16v16 format, including the push-and-pull battle ‘Moshavalk’.

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