NEWS ➢ New F2P RPG Undecember Gameplay Trailer (PC/Mobile)

Upcoming free-to-play diablo-like game Undecember by Korea publisher LINE Games has published a new gameplay trailer with an in-depth look at the specific game system and various multiplayer and single player content. Undecember will first host beta testing from October 13th to October 19th in South Korea.

Undecember Features and Release Date

Undecember is a Mobile-PC (FLOOR, Steam) cross-platform, Hack-and-Slash RPG developed by Needs Games and published by LINE Games. It will feature both single player and multiplayer (PVE & PVP) content.
UNDECEMBER will hold a closed beta test in South Korea region from October 13th to October 19th, for the development team to collect and review test play results and player feedback for any improvements. The test will be available in Korean language only.

Will Undecember be Free-to-play?

While not being marketed as free-to-play, Undecember is expected to be or become free-to-play at some point, probably following early access launch, being mobile centered and offering various optional multiplayer modes. Undecember will most likely seek to cater to the strong demand and profit margins found in the free-to-play model, alongside other free-to-play titles of the same type such as the upcoming Diablo Immortal, or the popular leader Path of Exile, which will soon have a mobile version.

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