NEWS ➢ F2P Shooter Super People Opens CBT Registration (PC)

Korean studio Wonder People have opened Closed Beta Test registration for their upcoming free-to-play battle royale hero shooter Super People (Windows PC), which will allegedly “revolutionize how you think about the battle royale genre”.

Super People CBT Details

To register to be a part of Super People’s upcoming global Closed Beta Test, players can now register at: and link it with their Steam account. For those who already have a GeeGee account, you will also have to create a new GeeGee account through Steam.

CBT Dates

1) Global CBT Application Period
– October 28, 2021 ~ TBA
2) Global CBT Schedule
– 2021/12/07 ~ 2021/12/26 24:00 (PST)

All CBT registration info is available at: Steam announcement page

Update: To register for the current or the next play test, players only need to visit the steam page ( and press “request access”, in order to be added to the waiting list. Not sure if more people are (automatically) added to the ongoing CBT.

About Super People

According to its makers, Super People will revolutionize how you think about the battle royale genre. In the game, players take the role of one of twelve super soldiers (classes) each having their own set of unique abilities to level up, and who get stronger during a single match until they unlock an ultimate ability that can reverse the course of any match. As with any other Battle Royale, players can fight in solo or in a squad to be the last ones standing.

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