NEWS ➢ Next Warframe Update is Huge and Due This Week

Digital Extremes have announced Warframe‘s next major update, Fortuna, which is will be huge, free and already due this week. Featuring the most generous type of F2P, especially for such a high quality coop shooter, Warframe amazes players with every bit of new content, but this update is a special treat.

New Open World: Fortuna

After the Plains of Eidolon were added last year, players will now have a second open world to explore and enjoy: the exotic, bustling, lore-driven land of Fortuna, a sweeping open-world landscape on the terraformed planet of Venus, easily accessible for both new players and veterans. “Players will explore the huge new terrain on foot, hop on the radical Bondi K-Drive Hoverboard, or soar through the air via Archwing and lose themselves exploring, hunting, mining, fishing, and facing off against the nefarious Nef Anyo and the money-driven Corpus”.

New Means of Transport: Bondi K-Drive

A brand new means of transport will be introduced to ease movement across the wide open Venusian landscape, the Bondi K-Drive. Warframe’s new means of locomotion actually turns transportation into extreme recreation and it can also be customized and upgraded. “Get in touch with the Solaris United’s youth movement, the Ventkids, to earn Standing to upgrade and customize your board to the next level”.

With this new skateboard/snowboard-type of vehicle, players will be able to perform grabs, spins, rails and more. The board has also been adapted to combat situations, allowing players to dismount mid-air, pull out weapons, blast enemies, and remount in air for extra points!

New Faction: Solaris United

Fortuna is host to the cyborg faction Solaris United, who live in an underground hub city that serves as a factory to clean coolant rivers and doubles as a trading hub for the region. Digital Extremes have created new lore and stories to bring this faction to life: “Underneath the facade of harmony and unified labor, however, discontent runs deep. Dig into the faction’s stories, learn about the plight of The Business, Eudico, Rude Zuud, the Ventkids, and others, and help them fight their oppressors”.

Animal Conservation

Strange, wonderful animals of the Vallis are going extinct due to Corpus cruelty. In between fights, take it down a notch: explore the landscape of Fortuna and use your new skills and tools to lure, track, and capture them for relocation. Hunting starts with tracking animal droppings and following footprints to the right location. Echo-lures mimic the distinct sound of each animal (each animal responds to a different lure sound) and a series of calls and responses then brings the animals into sight. Using stealth and skill to tranq and trap them will help them find a safe, happy home!

New Warframe

The bloody, powerful Garuda Warframe offers a deadly combination of health-based abilities to wreak havoc on any enemy in her path. Deployment of her skills will leave you vulnerable with low health, but greatly enhanced damage potential. Skillful Tenno will chain together tactics to keep her energy high while skewering enemies, boosting shields, and leaving a trailer of dismembered foes in her wake.

And Much More

More details about the Fortuna update can be found on the dedicated Update Page on Warframe’s website, or in the Steam Announcement.

Fortuna will arrive on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One soon after.

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