NEWS ➢ Free PUBG: New State to Release on Mobile (iOS & Android)

KRAFTON, Inc. today announced PUBG: NEW STATE, the latest addition to a growing PUBG franchise. Developed by PUBG Studio, creators of PUBG, the title will launch as free-to-play on Android and iOS sometime in 2021. Players can get the latest information on the game and grab a free limited Vehicle Skin by pre-registering on Google Play (excluding China, India & Vietnam for now), with App Store coming later.

New PUBG background story

Set in the near future of 2051, years have passed since the original game. Players will be dropping into a brand-new battle royale map called TROI, where they will have “the opportunity to discover how the universe has evolved”. The map is to be filled with various landmarks each with their own distinct characteristics, and players will be able to explore a unique environment that features interactable objects, from which new ways and strategies can be implemented to dominate the competition.

What is New in the New PUBG ?

PUBG: NEW STATE adds several new features designed to expand the game. With a new in-game weapon customization feature, players can build various weapons by obtaining customization kits which transform weapons in different ways, including performance enhancements, fire mode selection, and grenade launcher attachments. New features also include combat rolls, drones, and a futuristic ballistic shield, among others. Finally, players will also be able to explore massive 8×8 open worlds with new vehicles.

Any PC version of PUBG: New State ?

Considering the mobile PUBG is available on PC using the PUBG Lite version, the new game may well have its own PC Lite Version, but no such thing has been announced yet. In any case, players will still be able to port the mobile version to PC using emulators if so they wish.

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